Halloween 2012 saw the release our first music video 'Resurrection' which we are very proud of. Directed by Jim Crone and featuring Jenny Curran one of Irelands top models. Upon hearing 'Resurrection' for the first time, Crone contacted us band and offered to his services in directing the video. We set up a meeting and were really impressed with his ideas which were eerily close to the lyrics, from that point we had no concerns about how the video would turn out and once he was happy with locations we started shooting. We actually had a really great time making this video and Crone made it very easy for us, for the live scenes we had the back-line up so loud that we didn't have to mime and he kept the direction to a minimum in these parts as he wanted us to be as natural as possible.

For the cinematic parts Phil was superb, with all his experience as an actor coming to the fore and making it a breeze for him. We are really fortunate to have an actor and a former model as a frontman, unlike a lot of bands were their frontman looks really awkward and uncomfortable. Phil relishes it. Then theres also the part where he gets right up close with one of Irelands most beautiful women in Jenny Curran. The things you have to go through in a rock band "tsk"! To round it all of, Crone really nailed the lyrically inspired storyline,he really managed to created a beautifully dark and sexy, romantic….. death story.